David Rhoden

Lower Ninth Ward

I took a picture of Gina holding her dog Daisy.

I got robbed, probably by some shady women. they were living in a U-Haul van in front of the house; hindsight says I should have been more suspicious.

Cats on a car on Douglass Street, Lower Ninth Ward. This wouldn't be remarkable except when I see these cats I always look for Sally.

Buddy interfered with my work.

Couldn't sleep on Election Eve. Just like on Christmas, or the night before a big trip, I stay up too late, supposedly getting organized.

Buddy posed for a picture.

I read a Charles Willeford book out loud to Gina.

Walked with Gina and Daisy on the canal bank. Wearing our warm coats, kind of a rare thing in New Orleans.

My neighbor Stoo has some goats. He treats my house like it's his workplace.

Buddy found a new place to sleep.

Attended Goatstock at a neighbor's house. Stoo Odom was joined by a friend from San Francisco, Allison Lovejoy.

Found a snazzy nest in Gina's yard. Had some of the same striped tarp fiber that was in the last snazzy nest I saw.

An average day for Bubba.

I took a picture of Buddy on the bed.

Buddy turned on the lightbox.

I made a new improved animation setup.