David Rhoden

Couldn't sleep on Election Eve.

by David Rhoden. Day .

It's a thing I usually do before early-morning plane flights--I stay up way too late, cleaning and organizing the house. I get next to no sleep and bumble through the morning. So I wasn't quite on time to vote and I got there at probably the busiest time.

Voting was a lot of fun though. Gina knew the people near us in line so she introduced me to them, and we chatted throughout the ninety-minute wait, with one neighbor keeping up a running commentary about how long he had known many of the people in line. We also wound up discussing toilet paper, or at least he did.

The poll workers (at St. David's Catholic Church on St. Claude) did a great job of organizing the people, but the people also did a nice job of letting themselves be organized. It was a nice experience.

Watching the returns was of course kind of pointless, but we made big Italian subs and ate potato chips so at least we had that.



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