David Rhoden


I dreamed I went to Mount Rushmore. There were five heads.

I dreamed I met G.H.W. Bush at a garden store. He agreed with us about his son.

Dreamed I worked in an ad agency housed in a ski chateau. I could do nothing right.

Dreamed I was one of the all-stars in the Taco Bell All-Star game. Another football dream.

Dreamed a movie trailer. The film was called Knuttin' Bowl.

Dreamed I learned something about fuel siphoning. I learned an astonishing fact about Diesel fuel and its alternatives.

I dreamed a trip home to Tennessee. I was in Tennessee watching the New Orleans Saints play a team I didn't recognize.

Dreamed I was on tour. I dreamed I was on tour with my band. We had a gig at a women's college. Also Betty.

Dreamed I had some tasks to do in Paris, France. I went to Paris with my family and boy what a mix-up.

I dreamed I fell a hundred feet into the sea. I had to climb a hundred foot ladder, then stand on the top rung with my other foot on the rig to reach the part I was working on.

I dreamed about looking for a movie to watch. The movies weren't the ones I'm used to.

I dreamed I went for a walk in my tube socks. I was walking on a slushy Brooklyn Street.

I dreamed my sister told me web work was now a professional business, and I wasn't qualified to do it.

I dreamed I went to a gun shop in the mall.

I took pills that made my dreams feel very real.

I had possibly the most intense dream of my life.

I dreamed my car rolled into a river.

I dreamed I saw a sandpiper try to eat a frog, and other things.