David Rhoden

Dreamed I was on tour.

by David Rhoden. Day .

I dreamed I was on tour with my band. We had a show at a little pub on the campus of a women's college. It was a really good turnout, then the trouble started. Michael Stipe of R.E.M. was running the board and one of the guys in my band thought that meant it would be a good idea to do some R.E.M. covers, to impress him. Unfortunately I couldn't remember any of the music or words (if I ever knew them) and our show collapsed in a discombobulated heap of jangle.

Later in the dream, though, I was in a fourth-floor apartment, and there outside on the windowsill was my long-departed cat Betty, sleeping. She had climbed up the building to be near me.

Betty with David on the couch at Milan Street



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