David Rhoden

I took pills that made my dreams feel very real.

. Day .

Let me preface this by saying I went to a doctor to see about getting medication for attention deficit. They won't give it to me, not once in the last twenty years, but they love giving me pills for anxiety, which I don't have, except on planes. I've tried the pills, and what they do is take away my desire to do anything. I don't even feel like playing video games on these. OK, I do feel like it, but I fall asleep first.

Anyway, the last pill I was given is called Zoloft. It removes anything like anxiety from my life, I just do not give a shit about anything. But it also makes you sweat a lot and be unable to go to sleep or wake up on time. One pleasant, or at least interesting, side effect is you get amazingly vivid dreams. If there's a heaven, I'd be able to entertain you by putting these dreams on, like 8mm film. Unfortunately the enjoyment is somewhat confined to my skull. But here goes.

I dreamed I went back to my high school, as a student. In the dream I was age 41, so I don't know who admitted me, but there I was. I was wandering the halls with no clothes and I was angry. I swore to start storing clothes in my car so this would never happen again. Eventually I got some clothes on and went to school but I wandered the grounds, not knowing what classes I was in. I went to places I did not know existed. I climbed to the top of the ridge where a Bauhaus style brick building was. It was a teacher's home; there were tourists photographing it.

I went to the cafeteria and it was like a smorgasbord. An amazing improvement.

I found a chemistry class of all girls. One of the girls asked me to read her paper but it was printed poorly and I explained to the teacher (my 9th grade Typing teacher) how to get an updated printer driver.

Then school was out, and the girls were watching a DVD on a small CRT TV. It featured Philip Seymour Hoffman dressed in Shakespearean clothes and a colossal wig, while everyone else was in contemporary clothes. The faces of the people in the movie changed color every second or so.