David Rhoden


I liked playing with my toy Texaco station. We weren't able to take it when we moved to Chattanooga.

I saw a car fire on Bedford Avenue.

Went to a crawfish boil at the Bomb Factory. She made this in 1993.

I admired a unique automobile. A car I saw while walking around the business end of New Orleans.

A lunch hour disaster was averted. I was walking down 6th Street in Austin one lunch hour when I saw a group of people with cameras out, looking up.

I liked this brown truck. Seen in Holy Cross. Gina knows who it belongs to but I don't.

Unimog! Saw this great high-water truck in Chattanooga.

Saw a nifty slasher truck at the grocery store. Saw this nifty but off-putting vehicle at Canseco's.

I saw an old Datsun driving around New Orleans with Japanese plates.

Burned Altima on Alhambra Street. Being at the end of the parish, our street is often used as a garbage dump.