David Rhoden

315 Tricou Street

I painted some rings.

Sally investigated zinnias from our garden.

I made an animation rig.

I found a snazzy nest.

I made a pizza with brussels sprouts on it.

The last good picture of Sally.

Buddy getting in a bucket.

Buddy interfered with my work.

I grew some nice jalapeños.

I grew a beard.

Buddy posed for a picture.

What did this note mean?

This was the extent of my beard.

Otter came over for a nap on my work table.

Another bonfire in my yard.

I made some shelves.

Buddy found a new place to sleep.

Otter napped on my keyboard.

I cut down an old clothesline support and it was a lot harder than I thought it would be.

I found a shed snake skin in my fire pit.

We came home after Hurricane Ida to survey the damage.

Buddy napped with me.

Buddy tried to help me with my Unimog painting.

I got started on a painting of a Unimog.

We had a big bonfire to burn up the post-Ida fallen limbs.

An average day for Bubba.

We had a Monday evening bonfire at my place.

Found some dumped tires, got my labs done, got lunch, and watched a Bengals game at Markey's Bar.

I put new strings on my guitars.

I had a solo bonfire.

I took a picture of Buddy on the bed.

Gina went to City Hall and sent me a picture of a map.

Buddy turned on the lightbox.

I made a new improved animation setup.

Just another bonfire.

Another look at my place on Tricou Street.

I caught Buddy.

An anole came in the house.

I found a bird's nest partly made of tape.

Buddy slept in the sunlight.

Buddy got in the bass drum.

A cat slept in my bed. It wasn't my cat.

I painted a typical man.

The first cold day of the year.

Got a picture of Buddy and Otter being friends.