David Rhoden

315 Tricou Street

I painted some rings. The fluorescent paint? Very expensive.

Sally investigated zinnias from our garden. Gina asked me to plant these.

I made an animation rig. I haven't used it enough.

I found a snazzy nest. Found out front under the cypress trees.

I made a pizza with brussels sprouts on it.

The last good picture of Sally. I have more recent pictures but this is the one I like.

Buddy getting in a bucket. Ignoring the peligro.

Buddy interfered with my work.

I grew some nice jalapeños. I couldn't use them up fast enough.

I grew a beard. Report from the hermitage.

Buddy posed for a picture.

What did this note mean? I have no idea what this note-to-self meant, but I'm not looking for any pork rinds.

This was the extent of my beard. Just before I shaved it.

Otter came over for a nap on my work table. This cat lives next door but he doesn't know that.

Another bonfire in my yard.

I made some shelves. I made these specifically for unread books and charging electronics.

Buddy found a new place to sleep.

Otter napped on my keyboard.

I cut down an old clothesline support and it was a lot harder than I thought it would be.

I found a shed snake skin in my fire pit. Which probably means there's a snake in my fire pit.

We came home after Hurricane Ida to survey the damage. There wasn't much.

Buddy napped with me. He fell out first.

Buddy tried to help me with my Unimog painting.

I got started on a painting of a Unimog. I took a picture of this wonder truck in Chattanooga last Thanksgiving.

We had a big bonfire to burn up the post-Ida fallen limbs. I wanted a big fire and I got one.

An average day for Bubba.

We had a Monday evening bonfire at my place.

Found some dumped tires, got my labs done, got lunch, and watched a Bengals game at Markey's Bar.

I put new strings on my guitars. I watched YouTube videos and now I don't know how to put the strings on anymore.

I had a solo bonfire. Still getting rid of Ida debris.

I took a picture of Buddy on the bed.

Gina went to City Hall and sent me a picture of a map.

Buddy turned on the lightbox.

I made a new improved animation setup.

Just another bonfire. I don't know why, I just like making a record of these.

Another look at my place on Tricou Street.

I caught Buddy. This big ol' scamp is growing on me.

An anole came in the house. Maybe Buddy brought him in. Anyway, he escaped unharmed.

I found a bird's nest partly made of tape. Perfect nest, no egg inside.

Buddy slept in the sunlight.

Buddy got in the bass drum.

A cat slept in my bed. It wasn't my cat.

I painted a typical man.

The first cold day of the year.