David Rhoden

First flight in years.

. Day .

plane loading at Chattanooga airport

I know, nobody wants to hear me complain, but I really hate flying. It's sad to me, because I used to love it.
I just feel like I'm going to have a heart attack for most of the flight. If given the choice, mid-flight, to continue to the destination or die, I have to ask how long is the remainder of the flight.

I did o.k. on the CHA-ATL leg of the flight, which is like an arc, just a half-hour flight. The ATL-MSY leg was an hour and I wanted to take my pants off so bad. I'm sweating just thinkking about it. I was in a "Comfort Plus" seat. I'd hate to see what a "Comfort" seat is like.

My cab ride home was longer than the flight due to a silly wreck on I-10.

I do hard crosswords on planes but that only kills about a half hour. I did an animation on my iPad too.