David Rhoden


Visited Klasky-Csupo Animation in Los Angeles. Unbelievably, I showed them my reel.

The Stacks played at Gasa Gasa. Great show. Really loud.

I animated a sasquatch. I built a kind of a rig to put a camera above my work table.

I made an animation rig. I haven't used it enough.

I made a little animation. Just fooling around.

Animated a clock face. Might also be considered a current self-portrait.

Animated metamorphoses. Started drawing and didn't stop.

Blender practice makes...? I can learn this software a lot faster than my computers can.

I animated a face. Made with Procreate.

First flight in years. I hate flying, especially Delta. Hard crosswords help, but only to a degree.

I made a new improved animation setup.