David Rhoden

The Innuendos played Nightingale's.

. Day .

flyer for Innuendos show with Chimps and Holmes

Nobody got my little joke of illustrating "Innuendos" with Indians (cause how do you illustrate "innuendos"?) but that's fine, it wasn't a good joke. It wasn't a great name, either.

I don't remember wh the Sweathogs were but I think it had Keith Streng from Fleshtones. He was on stage being puzzled by the amp.

I loved The Chimps and even tried out to be their bass player after the first guy quit. I couldn't match what he was doing and I was about to move to New Orleans anyway. A few years later I was telling Matt Fiveash how good they were and how crazy the bass player was for quitting. "Yeah, that was me," he said.

I also loved Holmes, saw them many times and would later stay with them in Jersey City when All-Night Movers came to NYC to play some shows. Tony, the drummer, introduced me to the magical diner White Mana.