David Rhoden

I saw Public Image Limited on American Bandstand.

. Day .

Public Image Limited photo by John Brian King

For some odd reason me, Bev, and Matt all went to spend the night at our sister's good friend Cissy T's house. There must have been something going on with our parents. I rmeember we went out to the garage and played on a Jeep, which was still fun for me at thirteen.

In the morning we got up and turned on the TV. I wasn't a fan of Bandstand but we sometimes turned it on anyway. That day they had an unusual choice of live act: Public Image Limited. I was confused and fascinated. I knew a little bit about "punk" and felt like we could get in trouble for watching it.

Here's the video. Check out John Lydon squirting nasal spray (I'm sure!) at around 9:40.