David Rhoden

I lived in this not-quite-legal loft on Causeway Street in Boston.

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I don't have pictures of my own, but this is a video still that shows the loft I lived in for a short while in 1987...I think. There were other knocked-together loft spaces in Boston then, this might be a different one. I don't know who this guy is.

Loft at 117 Causeway Street, Boston, now demolished.

Here's the video where I found the picture. It's a band called The Eels (way before the major-label Eels), a couple of the members were my housemates. I played with them, once. The drummer was late for practice so I asked if I could sit in and just try to keep a really fast beat. I kinda got it for a minute or so but I didn't notice the drum throne was slipping a little with each kick, and I suddenly fell off the back of the drum riser, along with the throne. No more than a four-foot drop. Fortunately I landed on a pile of folded canvas and raincoats and maybe an inflatable dinghy or something.