David Rhoden

Can we do something about images in other peoples' email signatures?

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I'm trying to find a client's email in my Gmail mailbox, because it has an important attachment. So, I figure, I'll sort by emails with attachments, But when I do, I see that all of their emails contain attachments! Specifically they all include a 40KB image that the client uses as an email signature.

Now, Google stores these for me on my Gmail, so it's not a giant problem for my local storage but...: I just hate it. I hate that I'm storing those anywhere. I want them all gone, and I don't want to download any more of them. I want to block my client's email signature. That's correct. That's the way I wanna do business.

I figure there must be a Google setting, or a Chrome extension, or maybe an IFTTT applet to block and/or delete them. I'm not finding anything, though.
I don't know of a find/replace or find/delete that would work across Gmail storage (another great opprtunity for Gmail itself, or somebody, to make one).

Has anybody done this? I could ask the client to just stop sending them but I think I'd get further asking Google to fix this.

Bonus content: a sad little sketch from today.
cartoon of sad man bemoaning crimes committed in his name