David Rhoden

Tom Beeman

I met Gina Phillips at a party at the Truck Farm. We met under amusing circumstances.

We had a benefit for Lauren's dog Rose. The Stacks played.

Saw Huey Lewis and The News at Gretna Fest. All Access, baby.

The Stacks played at Gasa Gasa. Great show. Really loud.

The Stacks played Siberia. Here's the recording from that show.

The Stacks played the Circle Bar. link to (excellent) Bandcamp recording in post

We took the bachelor out, and Gina found a kitten. It would be a great story if they had happened in the same place.

I went to Tom and Noy's wedding. I was sure it would storm, but it turned out really nice.

Saw Sunrise/Sunset at Portside Lounge. It was part of Creepy Fest.

Trey and I went to Riceville, Tennessee, and stopped a couple places on the way. We went to Ankar's, which had barely changed since 1985.