David Rhoden

Sister Street

I took a picture of Gina holding her dog Daisy.

Gina made a little bonfire.

Gina's work tent failed in a storm. Gina has this wedding tent to work under but maybe it wasn't meant to stay up in real bad weather.

Funnin' around with Gina.

Had a happy bonfire at Gina's. Sorry if there are too many pictures of fires with no people on here.

We had a bonfire for Gina's birthday. We burned up a stinky knifeblock.

Nature TV, featuring Hurricane Zeta Gina and I watched the storm come in; it was beautiful.

Watched a sunset with a dog. Gina's dog Daisy doesn't have a lot of fur.

I read a Charles Willeford book out loud to Gina.

I animated a face. Made with Procreate.

Walked with Gina and Daisy on the canal bank. Wearing our warm coats, kind of a rare thing in New Orleans.

Found a snazzy nest in Gina's yard. Had some of the same striped tarp fiber that was in the last snazzy nest I saw.

Gina built a fire. We've had so much stuff to burn.