David Rhoden


I painted a figure study.

Went to an opening at Big Top Gallery. I guess I had some art in it, or maybe I just went to it.

I painted these four luchador heads while I was in New Orleans.

I painted a yellow man in watercolor. I need to do more watercolor.

Avatar painting in my Bushwick place, Rent then was a mere $1400 for one long room.

Painted a two-mouth creature. It might as well have one mouth since both mouths sing Eighties lyrics.

Painted a luchador.

Painted "Slow Your Roll".

I sold this orange squiggle. Looks nice on this fence, though.

I painted this blue luchador.

I painted a funny man.

My house in Austin. I made this big pink thing for my office but I hung it up in my apartment for a while.

I painted an angry woman's calm face.

I painted this yellow squiggle.

I had a good shed on Clark Street. I actually lived like this.

I painted I'm Over It on a piece of cardboard. I really was over it as far as my landlord was concerned.

I painted some rings. The fluorescent paint? Very expensive.

Showed some paintings at Bywater Bakery, sold one. Shared the space with Karen Ocker.

Bus. This took forever to paint.

Painted a lighter. Inspired by a trip to Birdie's convenience store on Broad.

I painted a lighter. Several commenters thought it was a golf bag.

Painted a monster. They said the quarantine would be a great time to get work done.

Painted a painting called Seriously. Just something I was thinking about.

Organic form painting, again. A small painting from a long weekend.

Consider the stumpgrinder. I think it's finished.

I finished painting a Rayco stumpgrinder.

Painted a reporter. A small one, about eleven inches high, the height of GI Joe or Barbie.

I painted a football player. Kind of silly but I felt like it.

Buddy tried to help me with my Unimog painting.

I got started on a painting of a Unimog. I took a picture of this wonder truck in Chattanooga last Thanksgiving.

finally finished this painting of a Unimog. The more I worked on it the simpler I made it.

I painted a typical man.

I did a new painting, of a critter saying "Aah". Aah not pictured.

I did a new painting, of a guy saying "Aah". Aah not pictured.