David Rhoden


Ka-Nives and All-Night Movers played at Cafe Cottage in Lafayette, Louisiana. This was our first time meeting the Ka-Nives. The club was a coffee shop but they paid us in beer (Killian's Red).

All-Night Movers played Sound Exchange in Houston with Ka-Nives. We were fine. Ka-Nives were over the top.

All-Night Movers played Beerland in Austin with Ka-Nives. My first experience wtih Texas' blue laws.

All-Night movers got a song on a compilation.

Stacks played New Year's Eve at Ernie K-Doe's Mother-In-Law Lounge with Lottie Collins, Ka-Nives, and Jimmy and The Wolfpack. We had nothing to hold the kick drum in place so for a while I sat in front of it.

The Stacks played Lounge Lizards with Ka-Nives and Spinns. There have to be pictures from this.

MAXIMVS! played at Rudyard's in Houston. How big is your want-to?

MAXIMVS! went to Barton Springs in Austin. We didn't have a gig but we wanted to go anyway.

The Stacks played Lounge Lizards with Paradise Vendors. Paradise Vendors weren't like any other band in town, good stuff.