David Rhoden


I worked at Taco Casa in Eastgate Mall. I got the job the day I graduated high school.

I worked in the dining hall in Baxter. I was called "the salad cowboy".

I interviewed for the job of running the Offbeat magazine web site. It was one of the least worthwhile job interviews I've been on.

I wore a ridiculous jazzy crawfish t-shirt to a company picnic. My colleague Alex Hemard did the excellent, Bourbon Street inspired design.

First day at Sanders/Wingo. I biked from the Motel 6 to my new job.

My office put a piece of mine on the conference room wall. Whoever picked the brown made a good choice.

I started working at Online Optimism. I was about twice as old as all the other kids there.

I went to Galatoire's for an office Christmas party. Kind of a strange place, really.