David Rhoden


All-Night Movers played the Emerald Bar in St. Pete. I guess this was the last All-Night Movers gig.

I went to the 2005 regatta in Pensacola. This is when Trey and I came up with the Turfgrass Cup.

I attended the 2006 regatta in Perdido Bay. I'm sure we came in last.

Went to Slade and Amara's wedding, and DJed the reception. The whole thing was somewhat interrupted by what you might call a flash flood.

Trey and I played some music at the regatta. Maybe Trey could remember it better than me.

I went to the 22nd Perdido Bay Intergalactic Sunfish Regatta.

I went to the 2019 regatta.

I went to the regatta in Pensacola but it rained. It was nice to see everybody.

I visited Splash 'n Chill island. I spent the weekend of the Fourth in Pensacola.