David Rhoden

Dan Haugh

Dirty Knives played with Rock*A*Teens at Tipitina's, I think. I honestly don't recall playing Tip's twice but I guess we did.

Dirty Knives played El Matador with Sugar Tank. At the end of our set Trey hopped down the little steps at the side of the stage, smashing them to bits.

Dirty Knives played Checkpoint's with The Wednesdays.

Dirty Knives played at El Matador with Fontanelles UK.

Dirty Knives played Mermaid Lounge with Immortal Lee County Killers. Immortal Lee County Killers' drummer J.R.R. Tokin' used his floor tom strictly as a coffee table.

Mardi Gras 2006 non-costume. This picture really expresses how I felt at the time.

The Stacks played the Circle Bar with Chef Menteur and Good Sugar. This was Court Batson's first appearance with Chef Menteur.