David Rhoden

I dreamed about a strange thrift store.

. Day .

I was at a book sale or thrift store with my mom and sister. I was more excited about it than they were. I found an old school-type fold-up record player with a Time-Life logo on the side, along with the word BORBORYGMI in bold gold letters. I was excited, thought it’d be a laugh, so I took it to where mom and Bev were sitting. I opened it up, but the records were missing and instead of a record player there was an old fashioned black Singer sewing machine inside, a loose belt for the motor, and a dry-looking bat, the animal, a big one, that somehow powered the thing. We were all amused at this ancient apparatus but the bat, which we had mistaken for a stuffed toy, came to and started chasing me around. It got hold of my belt loop and also sunk its claws in me. It hurt and I was begging my mom and Bev to pull it off, and they were trying but were afraid to touch the big-eyed, big-winged bat and also that pulling its claws out would do more damage. I woke up gasping for breath.