David Rhoden

All-Night Movers played a house party in Huntsville, Alabama.

. Day .

January 11, 2003.

We were invited to to play at the home of Heather Gutierrez. When we got there she was filling out employee evaluations (restaurant manager). She said make yourselves at home, set up in the living room. I asked if this would be a problem for the neighbors. She pointed in the four directions and explained "Not home, moved out, in jail, will be coming to the show." my sister showed up, drove down from Knoxville. A guy with two ties on was sweeping the floor and moving furniture, bev pitched in. it got late and it seemed like nobody was coming. Then at about ten on the dot there was a knock. A couple in formalwear were knocking, with a bunch of kids behind them. Suddenly the place was packed. We started playing and played for a couple of hours. We played songs like Blitzkrieg Bop that we didn't know we knew.