David Rhoden


Watched The Night That Panicked America. A movie about Orson Welles' War Of The Worlds. I remember they unscrewed a jar in the toilet.

I saw Devo on Saturday Night Live. I liked the effects pedals taped to the guitar, though I had to ask Bruce what that was.

I saw the Rolling Stones do "Shattered" on Saturday Night Live. Our mom switched it off halfway through though.

I saw Talking Heads on Saturday Night Live. I wish I still had the More Songs About Buildings And Food album.

I saw Fear on Saturday Night Live. This really did seem wild at the time.

Saw Buddy Ebsen and Nick Heyward at a live taping of Conan. Apparently Al Franken was also on the show but amusingly I don't remember that.

I saw Little Richard on Tom Snyder's show. I saw this live when it was first aired.

Family Feud is the ultimate game show. The gameplay is so perfect, and you always learn something about human nature.