David Rhoden


I got a cat though I didn't mean to. The next morning, she was still there. And the next.

Sally came to live with me. I knew she would be mine, there was never any doubt.

Sally got on my shoulder. I'm liking this young cat.

Sally got a toy. It was fun to watch her concentrate.

Sally stretched on our plywood floor. This was in Bushwick on our gray-painted floors.

Sally got a new collar. Boy did she look sharp.

Sally was a good cat. Cats are basically temperature regulation devices.

Sally sat among the roses. Rose poser.

Sally got her school picture taken. Dignity.

Sally spent the day with me at the office. She had a really good attitude.

Sally enjoyed our yard in Bushwick. This is where I first found her and fed her a piece of a hamburger.

Sally showed off on Orchid Street. She made herself at home, for sure.

Sally looked sassy on my desk. We had nice light in the Irving Avenue place.

Sally did a facepalm. 4e loved this elevated front porch.

Sally on the yard table at 181 Irving Avenue. I've never had such a loyal and companionable cat.

Sally prepared for a nap on my printer. She was very photogenic that day, and the light was nice.

Sally stretched in the backyard. Just a little bit before we moved to New Orleans.

Sally proved to be a hard worker.

Sally wasn't too jazzed about New Year's Eve.

Sally played on a boat. She made a good cap'n.

Sally relaxed.

Sally on the porch at Orchid Street. This was a fantastic porch for man and cat alike.

Sally lived with me on Orchid Street. She was happy here, with lots to climb on and catch.

Sally made friends with a three-legged cat neighbor. He lived downstairs, and his name was Angus.

Sally sat on a sunny desk in Austin, Texas. I don't know about Sally but I was lonely in Austin. Sometimes we made the best of it, though.

Sally got in the blankets. This was in Austin where there wasn't enough for her to do.

Got a picture of Sally in the covers. Sally in the covers.

Sally slept in a sunbeam. This apartment was comfortable. I hardly left it.

My house in Austin. I made this big pink thing for my office but I hung it up in my apartment for a while.

Sally scowled.

Sally yawned. Lovely dentition.

Sally got under the covers. I know this is only cute to me, but it's really cute to me.

Sally stayed in the air conditioning. Our house really was comfortable, we stayed in it too much.

Clark Street flooded. My neighbor came in the house to wake me up and tell me.

Sally got in the weeds. This yard was hard to control.

Sally enjoyed an AC/DC record. Actually I think she's enjoying the sunbeam.

Sally keeps watch at 321 Clark Street. I liked living here until I got the light bill.

I lived at 315 Tricou Street in New Orleans. I moved to the Ninth Ward. Most of my pictures from this time are out of focus.

Black racer on the fence. A very long, very fast, dark gray snake.

Sally stretched on the bed. Just looking at this picture reminds me how high my utility bills for this house were.

Sally investigated zinnias from our garden. Gina asked me to plant these.

Sally caught up on reading. Those white socks.

Sally slept on the desk, as usual. We were so happy then.

The last good picture of Sally. I have more recent pictures but this is the one I like.

The last picture of Sally. I miss her so much.

Cats on a car on Douglass Street, Lower Ninth Ward. This wouldn't be remarkable except when I see these cats I always look for Sally.

Gina and I played Mastermind. We remembered most things the same.