David Rhoden


I got a cat though I didn't mean to.

Sally came to live with me.

Sally got on my shoulder.

Sally got a toy.

Sally stretched on our plywood floor.

Sally got a new collar.

Sally was a good cat.

Sally sat among the roses.

Sally got her school picture taken.

Sally spent the day with me at the office.

Sally enjoyed our yard in Bushwick.

Sally showed off on Orchid Street.

Sally looked sassy on my desk.

Sally did a facepalm.

Sally on the yard table at 181 Irving Avenue.

Sally prepared for a nap on my printer.

Sally stretched in the backyard.

Sally proved to be a hard worker.

Sally wasn't too jazzed about New Year's Eve.

Sally played on a boat.

Sally relaxed.

Sally on the porch at Orchid Street.

Sally lived with me on Orchid Street.

Sally made friends with a three-legged cat neighbor.

Sally sat on a sunny desk in Austin, Texas.

Sally got in the blankets.

Got a picture of Sally in the covers.

Sally slept in a sunbeam.

My house in Austin.

Sally scowled.

Sally yawned.

Sally got under the covers.

Sally stayed in the air conditioning.

Clark Street flooded. My neighbor came in the house to wake me up and tell me.

Sally got in the weeds.

Sally enjoyed an AC/DC record.

Sally kept watch at 321 Clark Street.

I lived at 315 Tricou Street in New Orleans.

Black racer on the fence.

Sally stretched on the bed.

Sally investigated zinnias from our garden.

Sally caught up on reading.

Sally slept on the desk, as usual.

The last good picture of Sally.

The last picture of Sally.

Cats on a car on Douglass Street, Lower Ninth Ward.

Gina and I played Mastermind.