David Rhoden


Dirty Knives played the Bayou in Baton Rouge with Rigid and Ouroboros.

I went to Gretna Fest and saw two favorite acts on the same day. It was as if they designed this show specifically for me.

I visited Smoker's Paradise in Toomey, Louisiana. This country gas station has shoes and a topless bar in it.

Watched a sunset with a dog. Gina's dog Daisy doesn't have a lot of fur.

What did this note mean? I have no idea what this note-to-self meant, but I'm not looking for any pork rinds.

Dark sky in Arabi. We've had a lot of cold strange weather.

We came home after Hurricane Ida to survey the damage. There wasn't much.

a Stacks show later this month, a reason to watch TV The Lemon Twigs are good on record but what really shines is the live show.

Happened on a train-trailer collision in Arabi.