David Rhoden


Influences: the art of Don Martin. We stuck these sound effects stickers on our dresser and our closet door.

I had an art show with Mimi at Circle Bar. Back when the Mod Dance Party needed some support, I guess.

My neighbor Talisha drew me some flowers. Her little brother wrote "FUCK YOU" on my front door.

Painted a two-mouth creature. It might as well have one mouth since both mouths sing Eighties lyrics.

I saw Wayne-O-Rama in Chattanooga. I also saw the Wayne White museum show, but this might have been more fun.

I saw the Wayne White exhibit at the Hunter Museum in Chattanooga. A really fun show.

I took pictures of my shed at 321 Clark Street in the rain. Nice place to work. Too bad it flooded so much.

Influences: Milton Glaser. Today was his ninety-first birthday but also his last day.

Gina was part of a small show at Jonathan Ferrara Gallery. First art show I'd seen druing the pandemic.

Gina's show, Shape-Memory, officially opened today.

I had possibly the most intense dream of my life.