David Rhoden

315 Tricou

Here's a picture of the inside of my house in New Orleans. I seem not to change much in how I live.

Buddy on the desk. Just a good looking animal for your enjoyment.

Buddy on the porch. Documenting the exciting life of an animal who puts up with me.

Buddy Long Legs. He's available to model any hosiery you can get him to wear.

Burned Altima on Alhambra Street. Being at the end of the parish, our street is often used as a garbage dump.

Organic form painting, again. A small painting from a long weekend.

I painted a football player. Kind of silly but I felt like it.

I dreamed about looking for a movie to watch. The movies weren't the ones I'm used to.

I did a new painting, of a critter saying "Aah". Aah not pictured.

I did a new painting, of a guy saying "Aah". Aah not pictured.