David Rhoden

went to Slade and Amara's wedding, and DJed the reception

by David Rhoden. Day .

Slade and Amara wedding invitation

I went down to Florida for All-Night Movers' drummer Slade's wedding. Slade asked me to DJ the reception, which I did. I got a sidelong look when I played Eddie Kirkland's (very danceable!) "The Hawg." It poured right in the middle of the reception but whaddaya know, I created a rain-based playlist for the occasion.

I remember we also got to go to an ice house before the cerwemony and buy a bunch of ice and watch the ice house guys bust it up. It was actually a very satisfying procedure that made me never want to work in an ice house, even in Florida.

Slade and Amara wedding invitation

After the wedding I went and got jerk chicken with one of the other groomsmen and he explained his theory of the white man and the black man and the red man and the yellow man, which in the end seemed to shed light on one thing: why so many American sushi chefs are Mexican. It didn't sound that bad. It was just somebody's attempt to categorize things that probably can't be categorized.



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