David Rhoden

Jimmy and the Wolfpack played the Lakeside Lounge, NYC.

by David Rhoden. Day .

David Rhoden drumming at Lakeside Lounge"

I'm a bit puzzled because these three shots seem to be from the same sho2 but my clothes are different. Around this time I worked with a guy who made fun of me in the strangest ways. At work once I got two slices of pizza at the pizza lunch and he said "Hey did you see how many slices this guy got? Two slices! What a pig!" For some reason he came to this show with some other people from my work and he made fun of me for wearing a t-shirt under my shirt. "Why is he wearing that t-shirt? Oh my God!"

I guess I might make fun of that now too. But I would sweat through anything I wear on stage. Ah, well. I liked to wear t-shirts at the time, sue me.

David Rhoden drumming at Lakeside Lounge"

David Rhoden drumming at Lakeside Lounge"