David Rhoden

Influences: the art of Don Martin

by David Rhoden. Day .

I was blown away by this illustration of an old man in a sleeveless T with armpit hair trying to get our attention.

Intro page from Don Martin Sound effects stickers

Mad magazine was a giant influence on my life. I particularly liked the art of Don Martin. (The only thing i didn't like was Dave Berg, though I have changed my mind about that.) We were so excited to get this Winter 1977 Mad Special full of Don Martin sound effects stickers. We stuck them on our dresser and our closet door. I remember scraping them off in about 1985 when we were getting ready to sell the house. Sad day.

Don Martin Sound effects stickers

Don Martin Sound effects stickers

Don Martin had a personalized plate that said SHTOINK.

Don Martin Sound effects stickers: SHTOINK