David Rhoden

dreamed: I was one of the all-stars in the Taco Bell All-Star game

by David Rhoden. Day .

Another football dream. I was one of the all-stars in the Taco Bell All-Star game; unfortunately all of the all-stars on both teams (there were about eight) wore the same white uniform with no numbers, just a big Taco Bell logo. I was at a pre-game party and a seated woman, about sixty years of age, asked me in Spanish, "Do you enjoy the soundtracks of the films of Hitchcock?" I used my best Spanish to ask if there were a certain film she was referring to and she said "Aventad".

I wasn't sure which title this referred to but I found a white paperback on our hostess' bookshelf that was an overview of Hitchcock's films. I was holding it in my teeth as I climbed down the long ladder from the party to the football field, when the hostess asked, "Where are you going with that book?" I told her exactly where and why and she said "here, let me help you" and climbed back up the ladder, taking the book with her.