January 22, 2012

Webb Wilder, Private Eye (in: The Saucer’s Reign)

I never even thought to look for this on YouTube. I thought I wouldn’t like it any more. I guess it’s like how horror movie fans feel now that the existence of cell phones ruins 90 percent of the possible plots—I thought we we loved this because we taped it off Night Flight, but you know, it’s not good because it was scarce, it’s good because it’s hilarious. There are so many lines I quote from this! “Homer….you’re absolutely right. Can I borrow one of your funny books?” being the main one: it reflects an attitude towards life that I find refreshing. “You don’t know what it means to a woman!” is another classic. “He never took me to the mall; never took me to Morrison’s….” The names “Hiwayne Suggs” and “Eastabuchie Misssissippi” just kill me. “I didn’t think even Mars needed women that bad! Prisstene Suggs was UNVOLUMPTUOUS.” Lots of great amateur performances: Roger Brinegar as Hiwayne talking about “Sweet Thang” and “Eugene Bilbo” and “Hypnose-ness” is obvious (he has an IMDB entry, but it looks like he hasn’t been in much else). Homer is good too. And the scene where Webb gets the smoldering look from the lady in a Volvo 200 Series, while indescribable, is a classic bit from my personal trove of great movie moments.

I really love this movie: Webb Wilder in The Saucer’s Reign. The copy is all messed up, but I swear our VHS or possible Betamax copy was equally messed up, to the point I’m not sure it wasn’t actually broadcast in this condition. If you know anything about it, tell me. All twelve and a half minutes linked below.