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I like working with Wordpress and despite its drawbacks (you have to update it a lot) I think it is one of the best platforms for small websites. It's easy to deploy, easy to customize, and easy to add content to. It's pretty good out of the box, but there are a few free plugins that can make your Wordpress life easier and more fun too.

I have built Wordpress sites for customers, but I'm getting out of that business and moving over to the CraftCMS platform. If you have to have Wordpress, sites start at $3,000 and take about two weeks. If you have great photographs of your product, restaurant, band, venue, or service, you can get great results.

E-mail me at david@davidrhoden.com or call me at 504-812-8475 (click to call!) and we'll talk! (All these samples cost more, because they are custom builds. But call me or email me and let's work out what's right for you.)

Mike Edison - mikeedison.com


Mike Edison has a long resumé that he will be happy to go into (he's the author of twoi> memoirs), and we tried to get a little bit of it onto this website.

Lots of theme customization here.

Go to Mike Edison's website

Bajibot website


I was the sole developer on this site for a small New York-based animation company.

Nearly everything on the page is animated in some way. Really, it's too much. The site uses AJAX to load the case studies. I had to build custom scrollers for the case studies that were longer than the space allotted. Also, the video reel was done as HTML5 video with custom controls and a Flash fallback.

It's all built on top of Wordpress, believe it or not.

Go to Bajibot website

Hurray For The Riff Raff

Hurray For The Riff Raff Web Site

I did all the design and coding for this responsive website for a major-label recording artist.

It's a custom theme built on top of a Wordpress back end.

Go to the Hurray For The Riff Raff site

Express Health Care

Express Health Care of Blaine Minnesota Site

I did all the coding for this responsive website for an urgent care establishment in Minnesota.

Go to the Express Health Care site

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