David Rhoden : Example Sites

David Rhoden: Example sites

Bajibot website


I was the sole developer on this site for a small New York-based animation company.

Nearly everything on the page is animated in some way. Really, it's too much. The site uses AJAX to load the case studies. I had to build custom scrollers for the case studies that were longer than the space allotted. Also, the video reel was done as HTML5 video with custom controls and a Flash fallback.

It's all built on top of Wordpress, believe it or not.

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DBSTL timesheet shamer


I was the sole developer on this site for an Austin-based advertising agency.

We were looking for a way to urge employees to get timesheets in more promptly without taking a Big-Brotherish approach. We decided on gentle public shaming.

The site connects to the company's timesheet software API and gathers data about the previous four weeks of timesheets. Then using the Javascript library Lodash, it divides the timesheets into degrees of lateness. If you're really late, you may be singled out for personal shaming.

If nobody is late, the shames are replaced by random pet pictures. Also, there's a little easter egg: if you click on the clock image at the top of the page, you get to see a graphic representation of each employee's timesheet status, which is actually kind of useful.

AT&T: The Innovators


I've included this because it's recent, and illustrative of the sort of problems I was called upon to solve at the ad agency.

The design was handed to me on my first day on the job. It was already overdue. The task was to make it into a website, with the text about the "innovators" displaying on hover. When I asked how the hover should be implemented on mobile devices, I discovered there was no plan for mobile. The designer and art director assumed the site would be done in Flash.

In the end I implemented the site in HTML without the use of Flash, and managed to get it pretty presentable on mobile devices (which is, after all, the end product we were selling.)

Go to AT&T: The Innovators

Hurray For The Riff Raff

Hurray For The Riff Raff Web Site

I did all the design and coding for this responsive website for a major-label recording artist. This was my first "responsive" site.

It's a custom theme built on top of a Wordpress back end.

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I did the front-end development for this funny-named New York City-based startup providing couponing services for independent grocers and producers. It was really well done but it didn't find funding and it has now diappeared from the internet entirely. It was an excellent idea, and I think the founder gave up too soon.

The back end was done in the PHP framework CodeIgniter.

Crown Royal

Crown Royal

I also worked for about a year at an all-digital New York City advertising agency called MRM Worldwide. I worked on sites for Crown Royal, Smirnoff, and the U.S. Army.

I did lots of CSS and jQuery on this unique interface.

The Frisky

The Frisky

I spent about a year working for The Frisky, which was a Turner Broadcasting property at the time. (It was in the building next door to MRM, 535 Fifth Avenue.)

The site was aimed at 18-39 year old women. Every once in a while they would do a story that required a photograph of a generic male, for which I was sometimes pressed into action, so, technically, I am a male model. I remember I was the cover boy for an article called "Fixer-Upper Men: Are They Worth It?"

I liked this job a lot. The technology was Expression Engine, which I still think is the best blog CMS. They kept trying to convert it to Drupal and it just didn't work. It worked so well in EE and it was easy to make seasonal content or other kinds of custom stuff.

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