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May 19, 2018

I finished another Skillshare class but they didn't give me no badge or nothin'

Vue JS - Build 5 Web Apps [1 of 5]

I built my first single page application using Vue.js. It's a note taking app called Notemaster. It can take notes or to-dos, and you can dismiss them when you're done with them. Of course it doesn't actually store this info anywhere, so it's kind of useless but I think we're just learning the ropes on this first one.

I need to learn this technology AAP, so I guess I'll make the other four apps. I'm sorry, but the teacher (some kid from San Francisco) didn't see fit to make a cool completion badge or anything. So I made one.

May 18, 2018

today's Skillshare class: Raise Your Prices

Today's Skillshare class was Raise Your Prices: A Class for Creative Freelancers, taught by Lindsay Marsh. It was more of a pep talk than a class (and just fourteen minutes long) but it was a good pep talk. Basically it tells you to keep selling your value, and how it adds to the value of the work of the people and companies you freelance for.

That's really hard to do in this small market, but I do think I bring value to the people I work for, and I do think I need to start charging more. (Look for that to happen in July.) The class project for this class is to do a pitch deck explaining how you add value. I haven't done a pitch deck in a while (though they used to be a huge part of my work when I was starting out, pre-internet), so I might do it and see if I remember how.

May 17, 2018

music criticism, part 2

If there's one band where I can feel pretty enthusiastic about their best songs (their hits, mainly) yet overall really dislike for their aggravating musical tropes (the chanting, the bouncy bass lines, and the oo-wee-oos that also comprise their best material), it's XTC.

I always wanted to like them and bought Black Sea and Drums and Wires out of the cutout bins as a high school kid, when those albums were still kind of new.

And I really did like "Respectable Street" but I HATED "Living Through Another Cuba". They have a lot of nice songs that make you think "I'm gonna really like this band." "The Mayor Of Simpleton." "Senses Working Overtime." "Life Begins At The Hop". "Earn Enough For Us." I even kinda like "Burning With Optimism's Flames," which sounds like Joe Jackson biked right into the back of the Primus truck.

I dunno, I remember having these discussions with my brother back then, trying to decide whether XTC was "good" or not. They can get in the box of occasionally-admired-but-more-often-disliked with Steely Dan, I guess.

May 16, 2018

I finished this course and got this cool badge

I completed this quite good course laying out the basics of Vue.js today. It was pretty basic; it didn't explain how to persist changes to a database, which is the main thing I need to know circa yesterday, but it was a good course anyway. Up next is something called "Real World Vue" that I think will answer a lot more questions.

Intro to Vue,js, Lesson 1

May 15, 2018

I took this fun Skillshare class today


I took this quick course on animating SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) with CSS. It's one of those techniques that isn't that hard (though it's a little bit limited in practice), but the results can be really impressive and fun. As the web moves more towards boring elegance (full screen video backgrounds on law firm sites....yawn) I want to push it more in this direction.

Creative Coding: Animating SVG with Simple CSS Code

May 14, 2018

I got this sculpture from Adam Farrington

I acquired this big-eared multi-tailed creature sculpted by Adam Farrington and I'm trying to pick a spot for it.


And here, a bit blurry, is that anole that Sally brought home yesterday.


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