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David Rhoden: Design work

I'm only rarely called upon to do graphic design; mostly I just draw the pictures. But occasionally it falls to me to organize the words as well. And I've done a lot of what you might call graphic design production, working with style guides or talented designers to produce promotional materials and publications.

Here are a few examples or my graphic design work.

Three Ring Circus monthly schedule

I did these circus-inspired calendars for monthly events at a New Orleans art gallery.

Sweet Science movie promo poster and postcard

I did the illustrations and designed the promo materials for this film (that so far hasn't been made) in which Albert Einstein and palooka Gerry Cooney inexplicably (or maybe explicably, I dunno) switch brains and still save the world.

Hurray For The Riff Raff

Hurray For The Riff Raff Web Site

I did all the design and coding for this responsive website for a major-label recording artist.

It's a custom theme built on top of a Wordpress back end.

The artist's new management asked for a change and also asked for pages and pages of documentation to add me as a vendor. I demurred. They asked, "how much were you going to charge anyway? My answer was ten bucks."

Go to the Hurray For The Riff Raff site

business card for a music business consultant

I have to credit the poster idea to the client, but I'm pleased with my execution.

The Hi-Balls "Tube Or Not Tube" sleeve

CD cover for the Hi-Balls Tube Or Not Tube album. I wish it were an LP cover.

Go to the Hi-Balls' Tube Or Not Tube on Bandcamp

The Hi-Balls "Love Music" sleeve

Cover for the Hi-Balls Love Music album. The illustration is by me but it's a swipe of a much better illustration from an old road atlas.

Go to The Hi-Balls' Love Music on Bandcamp

The Hi-Balls "Feel Good Rock and Roll" 7" sleeve

Cover for the Hi-Balls Love Music 7". Swiped from Bazzini Nuts' "Nut Club" peanut packaging.

It wasn't so much that we had no ideas, what happened was we had a line on a really cheap printer, it was a menu printer on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn with an offset press that they didn't bother to register. We needed a design where the registration hardly mattered. Each finished product was actually unique.

Go to The Hi-Balls' Feel Good Rock and Roll 7" on Bandcamp

Ernie K-Doe show flier

Inspired by letterpress or screen printed show posters, even if it is not one.

Rubber Maids Trees sleeve

Yeah....I really knew what I was doing. Look at that Q. This font is just Franklin Gothic with hand-drawn shadows.
Right-click to Download Flunkrin.

A very very very useful font if what you need to do is doodle a few hundred faces in nice neat rows.
Right-click to Download 26 Heads.

Now you can pretend your handwriting is as sloppy as mine.
Right-click to Download Belikeme.

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