Yeah, it took a whole sheet of plywood.
Movie poster and promo card.
From Louisiana Life magazine. Retirement incentives are luring seniors to the state. I illustrated the same story a year before.
Some silly band...
Pencil on paper.
Baggy pants. From "Best and Worst of New Orleans," New Orleans Magazine, December 2000.
Yeah....I really knew what I was doing.
Right-click to Download Flunkrin.
Cloud Creature at Bushwick Open Studios - Roof of 100 Thames Street
From "Best and Worst of New Orleans", New Orleans Magazine December 2000. This is a best.
CD cover for the Hi-Balls "Tube Or Not Tube" album.
Admittedly a swipe, in part. Not sure where I got the car from. Somebody very talented, I'm sure.
Excelling in Beautfiul Smiles. Pencil on paper.
I drew this to warm up during a life drawing class.
Sometimes life's just like that. Flipbook drawn on index cards.
Enamel and aluminum foil on plywood.
I did the animation for this phenomenally useful iPhone app.
Juggleware's official Pocket Troll site.
At Bushwick Open Studios - Roof of 100 Thames Street
Bushwick Open Stduios - Roof of 100 Thames Street - All pieces in place.
I made these "bio boards" for a client's conferences. The participants are marketing executives, and these illustrations help connect the executive with his or her industry.
Another "bio board."
Another "bio board."
It's a rock basher.
A very very very useful font if what you need to do is doodle a few hundred faces in nice neat rows.
Right-click to Download 26 Heads.
From Kingfish magazine article on health risks specific to men.
Now you can pretend your handwriting is as sloppy as mine.
Right-click to Download Belikeme.
Ad for weekly events at a New Orleans art gallery. Three Ring Circus Productions
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