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November 09, 2018

an enormously influential book, illustrated by Willy Pogany

I was thinking about this book I had as a kid, and after a bit of googling, found a picture of it. I don't remember loving reading the book but the pictures were marvelous. Throughout the book, the pictures are all stylized like that. The ground is pictured as a ruler-straight line. I think that's were I began to realize that artifice could sometimes surpass nature, leading to my eventual interest in things like J.K. Huysmans and the first book by Steven Millhauser. I've never seen anything else by Willy Pogany that I know of.

Just as influential was that cover design. I love both typefaces used (all caps), and the colored type and bands of strong color look wonderful, even though they probably were a lazy choice in a way. (It would have looked good with a single solid color, but I liked those stripes, the orange one especially.) I love that someone respected children enough to design a book like this for them.

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