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January 27, 2018


OK, I'm still in this enormous empty, unheatable box on Clark Street, but I found a new spot half the size on Pauline Street in the Ninth Ward. All bills paid. I'm looking forward to not dealing with Entergy, Cox, and SWB. I'm going to spend a year living with less. I put everything in storage that I don't have to have. I think it might be nice, not worrying about things.

January 22, 2018

kids' games

When I was a little kid, I would make little towns, or islands out of sand or gravel piles in the backyard. I would work kind of hard to make them into islands. I would use the hose to shape the area.

One of the things I liked to do was make jails.And on my islands, I would imagine that every offense would land the offender in jail. It was so punitive that in this fantasy there were no people in the jails because it was understood that any wrongdoing sent you there.

I would also scoot Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars around the towns, which was fun.

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