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September 16, 2017

Why is Craft CMS so unhelpful when it comes to setting up image sources?

I’m one of many recent converts to CraftCMS. I was already a fan of Expression Engine, and Craft is like a much improved EE. (It was created by Pixel & Tonic, who previously were EE plug-in developers.)

CraftCMS mostly does a great job of helping you set up new sites, and it’s well-documented, but there’s one place where it falls down, I think. Before you can upload assets (by which they mean pictures, mostly) you have to create “asset sources”, which are designated folders in the file structure where the assets go. Asset sources can be really useful. You can use them to set separate sources for different kinds of assets, for example. For one of my musician client’s sites, I have different asset sources for live photos and show posters. It’s organizationally pleasing.

The issue is setting these up. They kinda always go in an ‘assets’ folder in the ‘public’ folder or the root folder that all CraftCMS sites have. But here’s the interface for setting them up:

image by David Rhoden

It’s not obvious what “/path/to/folder” should be. The opening slash suggests that it should be relative to the root directory, but does it have to? I’ve been able to get sites working without that opening slash. I can usually get something working through trial and error, but it seems like a little instruction would go a long way here. At least a link to the documentation would help. What would be even better would be if this could be autofilled based on the general pattern, but that’s maybe a trade-off you sacrifice for the basic freedom that CraftCMS offers.

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September 13, 2017

you’re welcome, Google

image by David Rhoden

It’s a picture of a pickle on the ground.

image by David Rhoden

I love when Google follows me around and asks me to take shots of a restaurant or a food truck (that happened a lot in Austin). I like to send them a shot of the garbage cans.

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