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December 04, 2017

I'm over it.

I've got several drawings I want to turn into art for y'all's holidays purchasing or just to make myself giggle (this is not one of them) but I'm under the gun with client work. I'll be out of this hole soon and back to being the best Dave Rhoden I can be.

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December 02, 2017

observation on going to the grocery store for the cat who has run outside

I feel like I am less and less able to cope with the world. I don't have enough money or time for anything I want to do. Everything is now something I have to do.My life is so full of stress at every moment of the day I don't notice variations anymore. Right now three crows are outside screaming their heads off. My shoes are broken. I have to unload plywood alone and then go play a gig when all I want to do is finish these jobs and get paid.

I wish there were a picture to go with this, but again, I don't have the time. 

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November 29, 2017


I got an 88-key synthesizer that is close enough to a piano that I want to learn to play it better.

I have it set up in front of the TV in case somebody knows of good lessons on youtube or the like. Also, if y'all want to recommend local lessons, I'm ears.

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November 29, 2017

It's C.S. Lewis' birthday

I heard on the Writer's Almanac that today was C.S. Lewis' birthday. It reminded me of getting the seven-volume boxed paperback edition of The Chronicles Of Narnia. After my initial excitement over The Lion, The witch, and The Wardrobe, I discovered that the rest of the books were boring. Finding out they were supposed to contain some kind of Christian allegory didn't help. Maybe I had already outgrown them. 

I was disappointed. The books, in their matching slipcase were attractive. I don't remember getting rid of them. I do think that was my first experience with being let down by books.

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