March 17, 2019

Sally is a powerful cat

When I got sally she was not quite full-grown. She was a skinny little thing and hungry enough to share a hamburger with me. Now the only food of mine she's interested in is ham. (She's deeply interested.) She's over ten years old now. I thought she was twelve but upon examining the files I believe she is eleven. She was at the vet the other day and they needed to draw some blood for testing. I had just seen the vet stick a few needles in without her even noticing so I was surprised when they took her in the back, wrapped in a towel, for this procedure. 

Apparently finding a vein is hard to do on a feisty cat. And she got feisty. I was watching through a little window in the door. They had two adults trying to hold her while a third looked for the vein on her hind leg. Sally was battling all the way. For a cat who does a lot of sleeping she has incredible muscle tone. They wanted her to lay down so she came to a standing position, pushing the puny humans away with her front legs. She had a look of defiance on her face, just staring forward, refusing to acknowledge her opponents. Of course the three people won but she maintained her dignity.

When the vet's assistant brought her back to the exam room, she said, correctly, "She mad!"

This photo of Sally is from the day she came to live with me.

Sally is a powerful cat David Rhoden, New Orleans, Louisiana