January 19, 2019

I had one of these Tibor Kalman paperweights

This picture is from the collection of MoMA, but I never thought of it as a museum piece. Mine was white lined paper, not yellow. It was a gift from my boss and I loved it, I thought it was really cool. I used it everyday, as a paperweight, until it fell too many times and the "paper" corners were cracked off. It got too shabby to keep, though obviously I wish I had it now. (I was checking to see if things sparked joy twenty years go.)

I got to meet Tibor Kalman in 1994 or so, in Rome. I flew over there with a woman who worked for Colors magazine and part of the trip was for her to visit Mr. Kalman at the office to meet in person. I just went along. I got to show him a copy of my fanzine and he said nice things. His office was like somebody's vacation house. I bet it's an AirBnB now. I also met the magazine's art director, Scott Stowell, which was funny since we sat together on the plane from New York a couple of days previously but didn't speak.

Tibor Kalman was a bit of a self-promoter, I guess, but I loved it. (I am too.) He made a lot of cool stuff. Some of it is dated but only because it made such an impression at the time that you can't separate it from the time. There should be more activist designers like him, really.

I had one of these Tibor Kalman paperweights David Rhoden, New…