March 12, 2018

To my clients (present and future): my rates for Joomla

Dear clients,

As a web developer, I don't like to turn down any web development work. That said, I'm a web developer, a programmer if you will, not primarily a content manager, and definitely not a mindreader or spelunker. I like work that lets me edit the files that make the pages or templates, or stylesheets of the site. What I don't want to do anymore is figure out some CMS designer's idea of where to look to fix a simple website.

For this reason, I'm raising my rates for Joomla development to $120/hour. Just Joomla—my rates for Craft CMS, ExpressionEngine, and Wordpress development remain the same.

Why Joomla? I've simply had it with this CMS platform. It hides every important (or unimportant) decision within a tangle of vaguely named menus. I just spent most of a workday trying to find a stylesheet to edit, and I've just had it. Once I found it I couldn't search in it. It's conceivable I could get better at it, but I have so much contempt for it that I don't really want to. It wastes my valuable time I could be using to do animation, drawing, painting, playing guitar, watching TV, or working on a better CMS.

I know some developers will laugh at me for thinking that $120/hour is a lot for web development of any kind but I live in New Orleans and the market is not terrific here. It's a raise for me. It's intended to be a discouragement.

David Rhoden | To my clients (present and future): my rates for Joomla