May 08, 2018

this last weekend

Rode up to Chattanooga with Gina to visit the folks, then went down to Birmingham to deliver a portrait Gina did to the woman who commissioned it.

After that we didn't have much to do so we ate food then went out the the Birmingham dog track to watch and bet on the Kentucky Derby. Our bets were amateurish but we had a good time. They had pool tables and we watched a greyhound race live, with the other five people who seemed to be interested. I'd never seen a dog race. They send that bunny around for the dogs to chase and it's hard not to watch it yourself.

The woman in charge of the pool cues and balls said "Yeah, we're gonna have the Derby on the big screen for y'all."I said, "Oh, great; where's the big screen?" and she answered, "The wall."

I took some basically accidental photos of the dog track that I think really capture its essence.




Here's Gina's portrait of Carolyn Wade (with all the heads she made):

David Rhoden | this last weekend