May 11, 2018

Stack Yak, from 2004

Way back when, I used to care about things, sorta. Not like "care" in the sense of try to make the world better, but more like "care" in the sense of take action, even if the action was silly or absurd. 

In 2004 I was in the middle of getting divorced. I'm terrible with dates, so if a judge asked me when I got divorced I'd have no idea, but this stupid PDF that I've linked here takes me back to an exact point in the divorce proceedings.

I was quite unhappy. One of my responses was to create nonsensical things. It was about this time I got really into making big artwork, luchadors and amputees. And I made this silly band newsletter too. We gave these out at shows. We had very little merch.

I just found the one existing copy of it so I present it here for no reason. Something I thought was funny fourteen years ago. I think I know who wrote that "review" of the band. Some things about it sound like me, I'm pretty sure edited it (added the boring gear details), but others not at all. (....Eli?)

Click to read it here: Stack Yak, #1

Stack Yak, from 2004 David Rhoden, New Orleans, Louisiana