December 15, 2018


Yesterday: fun office Christmas party where were supposed to go to Galatoire's for lunch but wound up going for supper, drinkin' all the way. One of our cohort used to work at Dickie Brennan's, so they were able to put us in a private room downstairs for the afternoon. I won an award at work (I mean, everyone did, we're millennials, but it was nice to hoist that hardware).

After that you'd think I'd crave a nap, but no, I went to Circle Bar to see fellow Stack Andrew Donaldson and one-time MAXIMVS! drummer Anthony Donado in the configuration called Fore Day Creep, and stuck around to see a real good band called The Drupes. We just meant to stay for a polite song or two but we saw the whole thing.

Then I went home and had a whole passel of nightmares. It was nice to wake up from.

Work doodles below.

recently David Rhoden, New Orleans, Louisiana