December 28, 2018

One other year-end note

I forgot to mention in my year-end round up (see previous post), The Stacks appear to be done. We just can't get on everybody's rehearsal schedule enough, that's one big reason. The other is that my heart has just gone out of it. I notice I just don't really care much about music anymore. Additionally, I get a strong feeling that the world at large is not much interested in watching a middle-aged man learn to play guitar on stage. I'm tired of playing my old songs and don't seem to have the energy, time, or interest to write any new ones.

I do still enjoy playing "campfire" songs (simple three-chord country and doo-wop songs that everybody's heard and knows) so I hope to actually do more of that, and I would like to learn to play piano a little bit. So we'll see.

One other year-end note David Rhoden, New Orleans, Louisiana