May 24, 2018


I was trying to type the word "kind" but I typed "lind" and my heart sank, I had an instant feeling of sadness and regret. But I know why: I used to walk part of the way home from work on dark, cold New York evenings, and I would walk from my job on 40th and 3rd to the 14th Street L stop. It was a long time to think, and not much to cheer you. There was a depressing-looking restaurant in or near a housing project and the sign read "Cielito Lindo". And I never went in, but every time I passed it I imagined it might be a nice place that the neighborhood people really relied on, even though it looked depressing and half-closed from the outside. (So, "lind" reminded me of "Lindo.")

I'll try not to make any more typos tonight.

lind David Rhoden, New Orleans, Louisiana