February 07, 2018

Facebook = Walmart

Splitsider: How Facebook Is Killing Comedy

I really enjoyed reading this article, Sarah Aswell's interview of comedy creator Matt Kilnsman, about how Facebook affects independent internet comedy creators. Really, though, his analysis is not just about comedy, it's about how Facebook is killing everything that's cool, or could be cool, about the internet.

He has great descriptions about what's wrong with Facebook:

There’s a reason that Mad magazine looks different from Vanity Fair. They need to convey a different aesthetic and a different tone for their content to really pop. Facebook is the great de-contextualizer. There’s no more feeling of jumping into a whole new world on the internet anymore — everything looks exactly the same.

He has some practical ideas for what Facebook could do to be better, which I'll let you read in the article.

This article reminded me of when I was actually interested in making content and design for the internet (back in the tables days). I feel like it could still be that way, and maybe Matt Klinsman does too:

Facebook feels like this dingy, disgusting, rapacious place to me. And I want it to feel that way to other people so that when they go to a cool website, they are inspired: They see human beings putting love and care into something.  

I don't know if you can be inspired by Facebook at this point, though it's still among the most amazing human achievements ever.  I'm just sick of how it looks.

David Rhoden | Facebook = Walmart