April 03, 2018

current crib

I feel like I've been moving forever. I just got my belongings delivered Friday and I'm still unpacking. I had no place to put these art things so I composed a public vignette. The black and white looks good with the colors of the house, IIDSSMS. Y'all come see me; we typically make a fire in the yard on Fridays.

In other news: I'm starting to look for gigs for the Stacks. We may have aged out of the target demographic of people who are taken seriously, idk. If you would like to see The Stacks play, do me a favor and email me, or your favorite club or something. I need the encouragement. Don't miss our demo on Bandcamp at https://thestacksnola.bandcamp.com/album/tangerines-and-evidence.

And I'm selling art again. Most of what I have is up at http://thisismyhappening.com.

current crib David Rhoden, New Orleans, Louisiana