June 04, 2018

credit where credit is due, and it's due

A big shout out to Marcus Bronson for helping me get a temporary utility pole and two eight-foot copper rods out of the ground. "Helping me" should probably say "Mostly doing it for me". I dug down like a foot and thought I pretty much had the job done. so I asked Marcus to come help me jiggle this 16' 4x8 pole out of the ground. I thought I was 90% done. A few hours later, after naps, we attached a big handle to the thing and yanked it out of the soil. I was over a foot off of where I thought the bottom was, maybe two feet. Shout out to local electricians doing work up to code; I think this pole would have stood for 100 years. Also, everyone was surprised Marcus pulled these grounding rods out with his bare hands. Apparently the custom is to just smack them further into the dirt when you're done with them.

Also shouts out to Adam Farrington and Gina Phillips for hooking up a trailer to get the dern thing out of the yard when we were done.

credit where credit is due, and it's due David Rhoden, New Orleans