April 23, 2018

a wild night on Tricou Street

Gina and I made a fire out in the backyard last night and the neighbors Nick and Kate dropped by. We were talking around the fire when the dogs who live on the other side of Nick and Kate started really acting up. They always act up; there are five of them and their owner leaves them alone a lot. So they bark and howl. It's normal. But something this time made us go over there to check on them, and we found that one of the dogs had gotten his head out of the security door. And he was stuck there.

Confinement, even the thought of it, is my worst fear. I can barely think about it to type this. Seeing that dog stuck there made me so mad and afraid and everything else you can think of when you think of your worst fear. So I ran up there and I don't know how I did it but I pulled up the corner of the security door to try to get the dog loose. I hoped he would pull his head in, but he wanted to get out, so that's what he tried to do. But I could only get the dog out halfway. I made it worse. Thankfully Kate helped me pull and we got the dog to squirt out. Followed instantly by three more. They were like water. Then we had four big barking dogs running around loose in the street. They ran to drink from a big puddle.

We didn't know what to do. Then our handy neighbor Stephanie drove up in her big blue work truck. She opened the door and all the dogs jumped in the cab. I don't know why. They're not her dogs. She waved and drove off. 

Stephanie called after a bit to ask if we knew of a shelter that would take the dogs at that hour. None of us did. I'm still not sure what happened. The house was closed up and quiet this morning so I guess the owner came back. I'm sure he'll be angry about the door and the dogs but he should never have left his dogs in a position like that.

a wild night on Tricou Street David Rhoden, New Orleans, Louisiana